Occasionally I do blog on songs, poetry and many things. It kind of reflects on what I find inspiring and shall I say enabling for learning new meanings in language.


Update: 7th October 2013

Mohiner Ghoraguli is a Bengali rock band that had two innings – the first one between 1975 – 1981 when they recorded a bunch of EPs. Then there was a revival in the 1990s when they edited / curated a number of albums featuring themselves and many young Bengali artistes performing songs written by them.

From their first album, Songbino Pakhikul O Kolkata Bishayak ((Songs) On Anxious Feathers and Kolkata)

  1. Kolkata O Kolkata
  2. Hai Bhalobashi


Hindi Film Songs: Lyrics

Gulzar: One of the greatest Hindi poets and song writers.

  1. Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire)
  2. Dhan Ta Nan (Kaminey)
  3. Fatak (Kaminey)

A potential worthy inheritor of Gulzar’s metaphorical tradition is probably Prasoon Joshi. Still much to evolve and grow, but his song Hey Kala Bandar was quite a feat. Two other contemporary song writers I like a lot – Piyush Mishra (who is a rare song writer but has a rich history in theatre) and Swanand Kirkire. I wrote about couple of songs written by them.

Rock Music

Pink Floyd: Recently I rediscovered Pink Floyd while exploring the Songbird music browser. This was also useful in refinding the magic of Led Zeppelin especially as bed time music.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a heading by itself. It’s hard rain a-gonna fall.


My friend Sanjeev Naik had been tweeting poetry for months. Triggered by his choice of poets, I started blogging poems by different poets and poetesses.

  1. Ezra Pound
  2. Emily Dickinson
  3. Walt Whitman
  4. Russian Poets

Will update this page after some time


One thought on “Songs and Poetry

  1. Some of my favourite poets: Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote, Mariko Nagai, George Szirtes, Gyorgy Faludy, Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath. And Piyush Mishra is a brilliant brilliant writer. Gulaal is enough to prove that. And yes, Gulzar is perhaps the only one who has been able to fit into the olden and contemporary times. Doing justice to both equally. Love him.

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