Illuminatix Quiz, January 2010, TISS Mumbai

Conducted at the TISS intra-institute cultural festival Quintissence on 17th January 2010. Very simple for hard-nosed quizzers. But enjoyable for the TISS crowd as it was quite accessible.

Head Butt, Football quiz, December 2009, IIT Mumbai

Football Quiz at Mood Indigo 2009 on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2009. This quiz was co-authored by Atul Mathew.

Here are the different rounds in the form of slideshare presentations.

The Prelims: 30 questions; the top score was 18 while the cut off was 14 (and 3 stars)

In the finals, we started with a 6 question written round based on a theme.

Then 25 questions clockwise

Then round of free kicks and tackles. A team selects a question, other teams can tackle by buzzing.

Finally, closing with 25 questions anti-clockwise

The August Games, August 2009, Bombay Quiz Club

I had this quiz in August 2009 for the BQC. Posting 41 questions from there. Have removed a few questions which were too silly and also questions which had audio and video support.

Please do give comments and feedback.

Don’t Panic, March 2009, Bombay Quiz Club

This is a set of 53 questions (silly ones, audio-video questions removed) from the BQC season ending quiz in March 2009.


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