Sam Dolinck, AP in Yahoo on this whole blogging / twitter experience

For many Twitter users, traditional media like radio and TV were too slow — and forget about waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper.
The lightning-quick updates of the attacks that killed 174 people read like a sketchy but urgent blow-by-blow account of the siege, providing further evidence of a sea change in how people gather their information in an increasingly Internet-savvy world.

Micheal Arrington on TechCrunch, I Can’t Believe Some People Are Still Saying Twitter Isn’t A News Source

What matters isn’t any individual Twitter message and whether it’s right or wrong. It’s the organism as a whole, the aggregate, that lets people stream what they’re witnessing in real time to the world. That aggregate stream gives us more information, faster, than anything before. It’s news, and it’s incredibly valuable.
An earlier post by Micheal, he says, CNN move over

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