Sadanand Date, Police Inspector, Cama Hospital

As told by Chandrakant Tikhe,  The terrorists ‘ran up throwing a grenade in our direction and hid somewhere on the terrace. After a while, they hurled two more grenades when the police officers continued to fire in spite of suffering grievous grenade injuries,’ he told the IANS.

‘I lay writhing in pain along with the injured policemen while their leader soldiered on disregarding his bleeding wounds. The two (terrorists) then fled the place, perhaps climbing down a pipe,’ Tikhe recalled, paying tributes to Date for saving the lives of hundreds of people in the hospital.

NSG Commandos, Taj Mahal hotel
I want you all to stay calm. Listen to me, there is nothing to worry about. The first bullet will go through me, I’m leading you out,” our commando said.This is a first person account by Mint Staff member Parizaad Khan who spent the night trapped at the Taj, listening to the sound of gunfire: Livemint


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