Joey Jeetun, a British actor played a suicide bomber in a television documentary (on the London bombings). He was holed up in a police cell for 13 hours as police believed him to be a suspect AFP

There were so many Arab (Muslim) guests staying at both the Taj and Oberoi who were held hostages. Rashid Al-Owais of Dubai was one

“‘They knock on my door aggressively but I don’t open it, I stay very quiet.’ The caller pauses briefly [and then adds]: ‘But I am fine [now].’ These were the words of UAE national Rashid Al-Owais, a 40-year-old marble trader whose business took him to Mumbai last week. Rashid, a Muslim and an Arab, was among the hostages of the coordinated terrorist attacks [perpetrated] by a cowardly crew of criminal gangsters. He was speaking to Dubai TV on Thursday night from his hotel room in the Oberoi Trident, where he had been holed up since the beginning of the siege. Naturally, the UAE was one of the first countries to condemn this ‘reprehensible crime.’ Sultan Al-Qassemi, MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute)

Chandrakant Tikhey, Lift Operator, Cama Hospital, via DPA He was on duty at night when two terrorists entered from the rear gate. For those who don’t know this part of the area, there is a small lane from VT station (CST) that goes past Times of India building and passes Cama Hospital (rear end). This lane goes up to St Xaviers college, Rang Bhavan, GT Hospital and the Police headquarters.

Tikhey was forced on gun point to lead the terrorists through the hospital. As he was being pushed, he saw a group of police constables led by officer Sadanand Date coming up.
The terrorists ‘ran up throwing a grenade in our direction and hid somewhere on the terrace. After a while, they hurled two more grenades when the police officers continued to fire in spite of suffering grievous grenade injuries,’ he told the IANS.
‘I lay writhing in pain along with the injured policemen while their leader soldiered on disregarding his bleeding wounds. The two (terrorists) then fled the place, perhaps climbing down a pipe,’ Tikhe recalled, paying tributes to Date for saving the lives of hundreds of people in the hospital.


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