Reuters sets up a Q&A / FAQ about the Indian Mujahideen

Helplines: Taj- 022-66574322, 022-66574372, 1800 111 825; Trident- 022-238906063

Ministry of external affairs helplline 91-11-23015300 / 23012113 / 23013537

Complete listing of all helplines from Pinstorm

Complete listing of all helplines from Aditya Sengupta

From the Trident Hotels website, Despite all efforts we are unable to make contact with the persons inside the hotel. Therefore at present, we do not have more information than what is being relayed by the media. We will update you as soon as we have confirmed information on further developments. 011 2389 0555

List of injured / dead – it is a Google Docs document (mirror by Aditya Sengupta) (scanned hospital lists courtesy Mumbaihelp) but with so many people accessing it, not able to see it.

News and Information aggregation: Matttbastard,

List of hostages rescued from Trident on morning of 28th November – IBNlive

All the Embassies and consulates of the world, their emergency numbers for citizens of UK, France and Australia stuck in Mumbai – Mumbai Help


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