Gordon Brown promises vigorous action; offers all help required, NDTV

Michael Bloomber, Mayour of New York, official press release

New York is in many ways similar to Mumbai: it is a wonderfully diverse city that is a leading center for business, education, science and the arts,
reminded us that there remain dark forces in the world that think killing innocents is a way to advance an agenda.

Mumbai will bear scars of terrorism for a long time, The Guardian

Barak offered Israel’s help in an advisory capacity and in any other way it could be of assistance, be it humanitarian or professional. Jerusalem Post

From the Carribbean via Global Voices

Three Caribbean nations — Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago — have substantial populations of Indian origin, and many of the region’s anglophone territories have cultural links with India rooted in British colonialism.

Media critic, a writer from Guyana, in his blog Living Guyana, asks the question, how will the local media (Guyana) treat coolie lives?

Let’s see if CNS’ GNA Newswatch, NCN Six O’Clock News, HBTV Prime News, VCT Evening News, WRHM Capitol News and MTV News Update think that 80 coolie lives are worth anything.

Iamjohn from Trinidad and Tobago, writes about similarity between Mumbai and the coup that happened in1990 in Trinidad. On the media front, he says

Eighteen years ago, I was deeply struck by the difference between CNN’s coverage of the coup and that of the BBC.  CNN appeared to be reporting every rumour that circulated in TT, while the BBC’s reporting was far more measured.  Usually I see the expansion of media – cable news and new media – as a good thing.  But at times like this, there’s something to be said for measured old media.
I’m not about the criticise them (the police) for the way they reacted to the attack.  I rather doubt that they have been trained to deal with something like this.

Annie Paul, an Indian writer in Jamaica, says it is probably a plot to kill Israelis (there was a trade delegation in the Taj)

Guyana Providence Stadium lambasts the CNN coverage and calls it atrocious

Is this the same India that just sent a rocket to the moon?

Sultan al-Qassemi is a Dubai based businessman and columnist. He wrote an article on “It’s Not Enough for Muslims to be Revolted by Terror,” originally in The National, excerpts were published in MEMRI

Muslims are victims of terror, too.
The perpetrators of last week’s Mumbai attacks could not have chosen a more powerful symbol of humanity than India, with its beautiful mosaic of ethnicities – a mosaic that will undoubtedly continue to shine despite the crimes of an unrepresentative minority who hijack Islam whenever the state of their miserable existence dawns upon them…
To borrow an unpopular phrase, the Islamic states must launch a psychological preemptive strike against these terrorists, and, more importantly, [against] those who encourage them.

Organisation of Islamic Conference says, “these acts of violence contradict all human values and can be justified by nothing.Sultan al-Qassemi, MEMRI


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