Australian eyewitnesses in Times of India

“They looked just like boys and they were on a rampage — It’s a full-on.

Another Australian TV actress Brooke Satchwell also had a harrowing ordeal to tell of her confrontation with another group of terrorist boys in the city’s landmark Taj hotel. Satchwell hid herself in a two-by-three metre cupboard for an hour to escape the attackers. Times of India

Photos – The Guardian

Abu Ismail of Faridkot, Punjab arrested, allegience to the Lashkar-e-Toiba Rediff

40 bodies have been recovered in the first four floors of the Taj. Four fidayeen have been killed.
The terrorists had burst into lobby of the hotel last night from four places with all guns blazing. They first shot at three female receptionists manning the front desk. They then went into the hotel. Rediff

Photos – Flickr (Tags: Mumbai + terror, some are original – Vinu, some grabbed from TV)
Photos – Vinu at Flickr

Ball by ball reconstruction The Times (London)

First lead on how it was done – Rediff

Terrorists set up control rooms in each of the hotels
One of them, the leader, could have been killed by his own men
Marcos recovered stun grenades, hand grenades, ATM cards, US dollars and almonds (food that can support people for a long time)
Sea route taken, managed by the marine unit of LeT

Keith Bradsher of the New York Times is atop an apartment overlooking Nariman House – he is Blackberrying updates by the minute New York Times

Questions and questions – the terrorists were extremely familiar with Mumbai – How? Rediff

Sandeep Unnikrishan, NSG commando who was martyred on Friday hailed from Kozhikode, Kerala ibnlive

More Ball by Ball updates, Rediff

07:49 PM (Nov 27): This road in the heart of Mumbai’s tourist district looks worse than a scene from Kashmir.  The range of forces here is incredible. The deployed personnel are from the NSG, RAF and Black Cats, apart from the city’s police.

This is a first person account by Mint Staff member Parizaad Khan who spent the night trapped at the Taj, listening to the sound of gunfire: Livemint

I want you all to stay calm. Listen to me, there is nothing to worry about. The first bullet will go through me, I’m leading you out,” our commando said.

Photos from all the photographers who were at the scene The Big Picture

Emily Wax of Washington Post Foreign Service attempts to give a story-like account of how Mumbai was taken over.

“How could so few young guys take a city down?” asked Rangoli Garg, 18, nursing a leg wound suffered as she fled the Taj amid a hail of bullets. “Somehow these men owned us. They took over our city.”


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