Shriprakash Jaiswal, Minister for State for Home, India – Hindustan Times

“We are considering the terrorists attack in Mumbai as a war and dealing the situation like war-time emergency,”
“We want to assure people that a befitting reply will be given to the terrorists,”

Manmohan Singh, address to the nation, BBC News

“We will tell our neighbours that their territory being used to carry out attacks in India will not be tolerated. I’m confident the people of India will rise united to face this challenge to the country’s security and integrity,”

Ratan Tata’s statement,

‘We cannot replace the lives that have been lost and we will never forget the terrifying events of last night, but we must stand together, shoulder to shoulder as citizens of India, and rebuild what has been destroyed.

Manmohan Singh asks Pak PM to send ISI chief to Delhi. Pak PM agrees. Modalities to be worked out. Expressindia

P Chidambaram becomes Home Minister, taking over from Shivraj Patil who resigned (or was asked to leave – what does it matter). Indian Industry reacted positively. Hindustan Times

“Chidambaram is a visionary and extremely intelligent. I have full faith in him that he will do extremely well in his new assignment. He will be able to control terrorism and incidents like the one in Mumbai can be avoided,” Venugopal Dhoot, Videocon
“His job as finance minister was challenging, especially in the current global economic context, his new job would be equally challenging.” Amit Mitra, FICCI
“The Prime Minister’s decision to keep the finance portfolio with himself shows how serious the government is about the current economic situation.” Surinder Kapur, Sona Koyo
“I hope he is much more action-oriented and takes appropriate action against terror,” Harsh Mariwala, Marico
“Chidambaram is a very experienced administrator. He is somebody who is seen to be firm and disciplined in his approach. So, I think, the move will instill a sense of confidence.” Vikram Kaushik, Tata Sky

Individual state governments look to set up statewise commando units. West Bengal seems to be the first one. Times of India

“The state police are not equipped to handle such crisis situations. In case of a terror attack, we need to deploy trained men with sophisticated weapons as the first mode of response,” said a senior officer of Kolkata police who was also present at the meeting.
Officials said even if NSG squads were posted in Kolkata as announced by the Centre, they would be under central command and would take vital time to deploy.


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