The Hungarian national airline Malev closed down. In an advisory to passengers, they write:

Dear Passengers
Concerning your travel, we suggest that you ask other airlines about their offers or, if possible, you choose an alternative method of transport.

The reasons for closure – bankruptcy. The last day of the airline, as described in this post, is quite evocative. And the outpouring of nostalgia and support seems quite interesting. But after 60+ years of service, that is bound to happen

Closer home, maybe Air India which is in a similar financial state can regain its icon status by significantly cutting down or even closing down. And starting afresh in a new form, new model, new strategy.

Will its closure evoke the same responses? My living memory tells me yes: the airlift of people stuck in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion (135,000+ people, over 450 flights, almost 14 flights a day, August 1990) , the regular Hajj flights, the flights to the remotest of areas like the North East, the Maharaja, the biriyani from the Taj catering service, the iconic Air India building in Mumbai, etc. It would also mean the end of the Air India football team, currently 9th in the I-League.



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