All of a sudden, there seems to be a deluge of news reports on match fixing in sports across the world. A Singaporean bookie laundering money in a small league in Finland, there’s a sting in South Africa, Australians planning to send match fixers to the slammer for 10 years, Bryan Robson’s fight against cancer gets mired in the FIFA scandal in Thailand. And the public finds the true face of Blatter. Then Hashan Tillakaratne continued on his rant with questions on why Sri Lanka changed their team for the WC2011 final.

Mexican footballers have doped out as has Sri Lanka’s opener.

And footballers in England are scoring less on the field and more off it. There’s enough on that so I won’t bother with the links.

That leaves the only fix that was legit and funny – KP fixing the ‘rubber‘ strip on his bat as described by Johnathon Agnew on TMS.

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