So neither the no 1 nor the no 2 are in the finals.  Correct me if I am wrong but I think since 2003, the only time this happened was 2008 Aus Open which was won by Djoker when he beat Tsonga in the final.

It’s fun to read what all the commentators and journos have to say on this. Federer losing a match is like Sachin Tendulkar getting out cheaply. Immediately,” the end is nigh” voices begin chirping.

Richard Hinds of the SMH says Fed was clumsy on court. It may be a new order as well, according to Robert Smith.

With world number one Nadal out of the tournament amid fresh doubts over his fitness, and now Federer vanquished, Djokovic’s triumph may have signalled a changing of the guard at the top of men’s tennis.

For Nadal, it was about hating retirements. Everyone saw the hamstring go pop but he played on, a formality yes, but pride intact.

”Why don’t you forfeit?,” Nadal was asked in Majorcan, a language quite distinct from Spanish.

”No way I’m going to quit in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open,” Nadal replied to his camp.

For Djoker, he has now beaten Federer in two successive Grand Slam semi-finals  but still rates himself way behind Federer and Nadal.

“We are still behind them and you can’t say there is a new era coming up, but there are more players who are able to win majors which is good.”

In my mind, there is no doubting the supremacy of Nadal and Federer. I don’t even bother distinguishing between the two. Yes, there seems to be a decline in Federer at least if not Nadal. Or is it really? Federer actually had a winning spree between his semi-final loss in New York and the Aus Open semis, both to Djoker. In this period he won all the ATP Masters stuff in London and Doha.

But he hasn’t won a Grand Slam in a year! Well he already has 16 of them and if he couldn’t win one in the last 365 days means he is not a “champion”, then one is being extremely blind to the growth of Nadal, Djoker, Murray et al (the last two within their limits have been trying to raise their game as much as they can).

Just like people would diss SRT for being out of form only to realise that in the last couple of years he has scored 1000+ runs per annum, it would seem that one loss, albeit a Grand Slam one, is enough to press the “end is nigh” button.


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