An excellent piece of sports writing introduces me to the world of Mick Channon, a former England and Southampton footballer and now the trainer of over 200 thoroughbreds with over 100 winners every season.

The writer hooked me in with these opening lines:

Every athlete knows the feeling, the fear of the void that comes as early as midlife. You are 30-something, you have put your body on the line since childhood, but the responses no longer meet the demands, and any amount of money you might have stored up will not replace the buzz of competing with the best

“If you don’t have anything to get up for in the mornings, you might as well be dead,” was how Mick Channon summed up the end of a soccer career that stretched from 1965 to 1987. “The tears, the highs, the lows, you miss it all.”

Through this article did a search on Mick Channon and came across this great goal from back in 1982

A great buildup by Southampton led by Keegan on the left. Incidentally, Keegan was one of Mick Channon’s first owners.

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