Remember when the girls would scream at the DJ “please play the song ‘We don’t need no education'” and we would turn back with our nose pointed towards the pole star and say “the song is called Another Brick in the Wall Part 2”.

Okay so this Canadian based band of Iranian brothers Blurred Vision have blurred the lines between the autocratic school teacher who liked to cane students for writing poetry (‘Poems everybody! The laddie reckons himself as a poet‘) and the autocratic supremo of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Some elements of George Orwell’s 1984 come in as well (but then any totalitarian regime will have Orwellian features).

Don’t miss out on the “Ayatollah, leave the kids alone” part.

“The song has a universal, anti-authoritarian message and we hope that our updated version for the 21st century can open people’s eyes to what is happening,” he said.

The song is also a celebration of freedom of expression, he explained.

Nice! After decades of being rebels without a cause, wearing black t-shirts, smoking stuff and ranting about the establishment, one gets some satisfaction that this anthem is out there with a real relevance to some deserving community.


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