Due to paucity of quiz masters and one’s own inclination, I ended up doing two decent sized quizzes in the last two months.

The Kartik Bose Open

To celebrate the great personality of Kartik Bose, a quizzing legend in his own right, I did the Kartik Bose Open on June 6th 2010. It also happened to be the 67th anniversary of the Normandy landings (where Kartik Bose led the first wave – an untold story but known to all in quizzing circles).

The Indus Open

Inspired by the reading of Alice Albinia’s Empires of the Indus, constructed this quiz. While it started off as a history-geogrpahy-ethnology oriented quiz, it ended up being slightly skewed on the business and corporate side of things.

Please share your comments and feedback on the same.


2 thoughts on “Quizzes – The Kartik Bose Open and The Indus Open

  1. Great questions.

    Can you doublecheck the facts behind the doner kabab question and the indians-playing-barefoot myth? I’m not sure you are 100% accurate there

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