A personal update:

I was one of 200 participants invited for the TV quiz show Sports Ka Superstar produced by Big Synergy (of Siddhartha Basu) and to be broadcast on Doordarshan (DD National). It is hosted by Mini Mathur.

The competition has three rounds. In the first round, there are 20 episodes, each episode with 10 participants. The top 2 from each episode move to round 2 for the semi-finals – 4 episodes of 10 people each. The top 2 qualify for the grand final. These 8 people will be joined by 2 more participants from a fifth semifinal made up of the best losing performers in the 4 episodes.

I am happy to announce that I won my first round and have qualified for the semi-finals. The date of the telecast is as yet unknown. The semi-finals themselves will be sometime in June.

A few questions (excellent by TV quiz standards and required a bit of working out)

1. Who was the youngest person to make his debut as a wicketkeeper in test cricket?

2. Which player’s full name is Parera?

3. Which was the sport in which India won its first ever medal in the Commonwealth Games

4. Which was the first Olympic Games where the top three were given medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze?

5. In which sport did physical educator Friedrich Jahn contribute in terms of developing modern techniques?


1. Parthiv Patel
2. Rafael Nadal
3. Wrestling
4. 1904 St Louis
5. Gymnastics


20 thoughts on “Sports Ka Superstar

  1. Hi Ananya congrats on your win.Could you pls share the format of the quiz as I have also qualified.

    1. It’s quite simple. Four rounds of 4 questions each. At the end of each round, the top 2 have a buzzer play off. The winner is the one who stays till the end. All the best.

      1. hiii ananya i also want to particapate in this competition so could u plz help me out .

  2. I did not understand.There are 10 persons in each prelim.How is the elimination system working? Is the quiz entirely on the buzzer?

    1. Relax, dude, I think you are getting unnecessarily tensed. 10 participants, 16 questions multiple choice. All participants answer using the MCQ polling machine. The top scores at the end are used. In between, there are some fun rounds as well. And there are buzzers so you have to be nifty with your answers

  3. sorry to disturb you again.Pls confirm whether the quickest contestant scores or all participants scoring the correct answer score?What is the degree of difficulty of the questions?

    1. Top scores. If there is a tie, then speed. Questions are nice, they start with simple ones and become little more tough towards the end of the round.

  4. Hi i have also made it to the semis.. what was ur score i scored 140.

    Also if you rem more questions please share them.

    In my opinion now they will go totally into CWG/Olympics and Cricket

    Football World Cup and Winter Olympics can also find there way in this

    But Indian unknown heroes like Rashid Anwar/manavjit sandhu etc are also to look out for

    1. I got 120. I am sure they will come out with the questions in some book or so. Till then, don’t think it is right to share the questions except a few as illustration.

  5. Hey all,

    I was one of the qualifiers out of d 200 lot but could not qualify for the semis , was just not my day i guess .

    Well I really wanna wish all the semi finalists “best of luck” for the same; may the best man/woman win.

    Also please keep us posted when will the episodes will start airing on DD sports. šŸ™‚

    Take care !

  6. Congrats guys!!!
    I was one of the 200 contestants. Was selected from Mumbai.. Nice Quiz…..
    Didn’t got through next round…

    Keep posting.. Ananya, i think we both gave preliminary round in Andheri,Mumbai.
    Congrats dude & Thanks for starting the post…

      1. hey all!!
        everyone did not make it…
        from my city only 20 qualified out of the 75 or so participants of the written round

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