While Ravindra Jadeja is not exactly the next Sachin Tendulkar and has definitely had a bad performance, the reason for standing up for his defence is three fold

1. I don’t like witchhunts

There is a witch hunt on here with the poor lad being fried by all and sundry, like the heretics persecuted by the Catholic Church in the middle ages (also known as the dark ages)

2. The witch hunt diverts attention from real issues

The issue of our premier batsmen unable to play really good fast bowling. India were 50/7 in 10.3 overs against Australia and 38/3 in 7 overs to significantly dent any chances of chasing totals in excess of 8.5 runs per over.

3. It’s a team game and you can’t attribute defeat to one person (bar the captain)

Harbhajan has an Econ rate of 5.5 so far but is yet to take a wicket in the world cup. Nehra is going at 7.00 and Pathan, Chawla, Zak and Jadeja are all doing 9+ rpo.

There is no need to get this emotional and stone one poor kid as the fall guy. Just move on.

BTW, India is still not out of the world cup. The way Australia is playing, WI will have to work hard to win. India need to beat SLA by just 20 runs. And the matches are in St Lucia where India (and SLA) will be quite comfortable.


2 thoughts on “In defense of Ravindra Jadeja

  1. hi ananya…. Ravindra jadeja shouldnt be in the team, he failed in all three departments …. Many good players are there waiting eg.. Robin uthapa.. Jadeja feilding is very poor. I dont know why dhoni places so much faith in him

  2. Do you all know that Indian hockey team enters semifinals.. The reason is they don’t have a Ravindra jadeja in the team.Ravindra jadeja has done his job perfectly making india exit from T20 world cup.He thinks himself that he is a first class splendid left handed batsman like Yuvraj. Its really true both resembles each other – six sixes in an over. Yuvraj was in the hitting side whereas Jadeja in the giving side.. Thats all.Remove that fucker allrounder from the indian team then victory is on the cards.

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