These are people who have climbed the 14 highest mountains of the world or the Eight Thousanders. 24 years since Reinhold Messner became the first one, Oh Eun-Sun becomes the first woman.

From a piece in National Geographic on Messner:

“I’m only interested in our experiences and not in the mountains—I’m not a naturalist,” he told me. “I’m interested in what’s going on in the human beings. . . . William Blake wrote a line, when men and mountains are meeting, big things are happening,” he said, paraphrasing a favorite quote from the 18th-century poet, and the philosophy behind his new museum. “If you have a high-way on Everest, you don’t meet the mountain. If everything is prepared, and you have a guide who is responsible for your security, you cannot meet the mountain. Meeting mountains is only possible if you . . . are out there in self-sufficiency.”

Because it’s there.


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