• 10:09 I hv worked for you for 5 yrs give me 5 days to prepare answers to all your qns. Y’day he was threatening court action. bit.ly/bE8bdD #
  • 11:00 Sentence of the day from Vikram Doctor: It’s like going to a Rolling Stones concert and Mick Jagger baking you a cake. bit.ly/bcEFOP #
  • 12:00 The best of National Geographic photographs icio.us/0es1oj #
  • 12:03 When SRT started playing, Cheeka was captain. Today he is the chief of selectors. Sherry was a drink. Today is a buffoon. #justsaying #
  • 12:10 Topalov wants complete radio silence during the games. No talking, no offer for draws. Vishy smiles. bit.ly/c0Tgjb #
  • 12:18 How Anand made his 40 hour road trip from Frankfurt to Sofia. Lord of the Rings FTW! bit.ly/dxZZas #
  • 12:20 You can follow the Anand – Topalov contest here. First match starts 14:00 UTC, 19:30 IST bit.ly/arK0JT #
  • 12:30 SRT and Vishy. 1988 Anand became GM, 1989 SRT debut. 20 years on, undisputed world champion & undisputed world’s best batsman #
  • 14:30 Here come the ball eaters. bit.ly/djMxk2 #
  • 14:31 Umm. Since the entire world and the members know what’s happening in tomorrow’s IPL meeting, is there any point in having it? #
  • 20:09 Kumble repeats last year’s IPL final, gets Gilly out first over. The battle of the pensioners goes Jumbo’s way #
  • 23:20 Mass Awakening songs by Salil Chowdhury wp.me/phdLM-dg #
  • 23:24 Anand loses game 1 after 29 moves #

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