• 10:15 On the subject of blimps being at the #forefrontoftechnology Boing Boing wants them to be brought back bit.ly/cVOCAi #
  • 12:38 Burn them at the stake? @rameshsrivats Ok, [ed] with the help of Hercule Poirot, we find out who owns what stake in the IPL teams. Then? #
  • 12:48 The Dark Spot wp.me/phdLM-dd #
  • 12:54 LS adjourned till 12 PM over IPL row bit.ly/dvahR4 eh? Why TF should legislative work be held up? The raids are on, aren’t they? #
  • 12:59 Now time for the lawyers to get their cut of the billions. LKM says only he can call for GC meetings, no one else. bit.ly/9hKSbn #
  • 13:10 Ok, so now we have a doc arrested for taking a bribe for certifying a fraud medical college. bit.ly/dD5zQC #
  • 13:56 Just for the record, PP asked for a chartered flight and paid for it. The choice of aircraft is left to Air India who did what they did. #
  • 23:04 I hope the sports desks of most Indian media houses will remember that Vishy Anand is playing a World Cup match against Topalov in Sofia. #

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