• 14:16 Goodbye tracer bullets and DLF maximums RT @TestMatchSofa: Test Match Sofa – the only decent coverage of the IPL – eepurl.com/tdjX #
  • 14:46 Brits want $3.9b last year from Iceland. They forgot. You mess with Iceland, they shut down airports bit.ly/aQrdbr #
  • 14:49 I wonder if Kansas’ Dust in the Wind is a popular song in Europe, especially with in-flight radio services #
  • 14:58 Or Superman? RT @theskiver: LOOK! A plane! #
  • 15:02 Wimbledon is a tennis tournament. If you want football, you can go to South Africa or watch it at home on TV. bit.ly/cB6xqB #
  • 15:21 Those who find ‘glacier on the mountain that looks like an island’ too long, try the one word for it – in icelandic bit.ly/a8x32P #
  • 20:15 Plan A: SRT bats through, others bat around him. Scratch that. Plan B: er um er… where’s Pollard? Hope that’s not the case #
  • 20:22 WTF @testmatchsofa commentary running parallel to the TV on mute. Plus twitter of course. Buggers have sold out too. #
  • 23:52 Closed the match with @testmatchsofa’s wonderful wrap up. These guys are good but for that organic jam that they keep plugging. More tmrw #
  • 00:02 Ardhanarishwar – Half Female God: wp.me/pTxov-h #

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