• 12:33 I just unlocked the "Newbie" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/cC5UXW #
  • 12:33 at work (@ Illumine house) 4sq.com/a8CEQU #
  • 12:41 "Sehwag has to be first on the team-sheet to represent the World, whatever the game’s format." I agree on that bit.ly/cES6PA #
  • 14:09 Few words for the Pope. bit.ly/c5ltj6 IMHO the dogma on both sides is getting more inflated overshadowing the crimes. #
  • 14:41 All you need to know about the IPL semifinals. Who needs to do what to get in. bit.ly/aRQAvl #
  • 14:57 Right! Yorker with @prempanicker in 35 minutes. Will quickly get some pending work out of the way. No adjournments allowed here #
  • 15:05 Andheri Westerners #fakeiplteams Coach & Think Tank @bigfatphoenix Underbelly blogger @amitvarma #
  • 18:36 Watch planes avoiding UK airspace live: www.flightradar24.com/ #
  • 21:11 A bit of a stunner from CSK. They are in danger of posting the first sub 100 score of this series. Not good when semi spots out for grabs #
  • 21:31 So Badrinath finally plays an important knock for his team #
  • 23:28 Anyone noticed the double Ds cheerleaders wearing Spiderman costumes? #

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