• 11:37 Due to technical reasons the previous link went bad. Here’s the link to seventy-two specimens of Indian castes icio.us/dd11jr #
  • 14:21 the last one live and exclusive on twitter RT @rameshsrivats: 3 good matches today. DD vs MI, KKR vs CSK and Commissioners vs Ministers. #
  • 17:45 An apparently alternate MI team still gets to 183 putting the pressure on the double Ds – failed chase means no semis possibly #
  • 18:11 This blimp thing becomes more and more bewildering. It’s almost like an elaborate con job. But the con job is on MRF and not the public #
  • 18:15 So Twitter finally gets ready to start making some money. And surprise surprise – it is adverts. Pls Karbon Kamaal RT bit.ly/9TPTfE #
  • 18:20 That was a Bobbili Ravi Kumar Shastrism RT @AaruC: Did my previous tweet look like Bobbilli or R. Shastri? #
  • 18:24 Happiness is a warm gun! Hugh has found solace finally after all these years. bit.ly/cwnhoT #
  • 18:28 So TV ratings went up because Tiger Woods was playing. I guess people wanted to see whether his drive was still good bit.ly/d0V3zD #
  • 18:30 Foursome! There’s a coach also who comes at the end. RT @prempanicker: @AaruC the menage a trois one with "vidya" in the middle, you mean? #
  • 18:34 Wanted: hangman for Zimbabwe prison! And who said that there are no jobs? bit.ly/bvybmN #
  • 18:40 WTF! Inter-caste marriages one has heard of. They don’t want people to marry within the caste? bit.ly/8XbJ0S #
  • 18:41 "Khap Panchayats" become a law onto their own defying individual rights. bit.ly/8XbJ0S #
  • 18:43 Back on the match, it’s not looking good for the double D’s #

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