Does this fit your own description?

1. You watch IPL on TV with the sound on mute
2. You wonder why some random Carbon Kamal guy gets so much airtime
3. You wince every time a tracer bullet goes out
4. You wonder why Ajit Agarkar still gets a bowl
5. And you feel MRF has been cheated. Or they are conning us. Instead of a blimp, the ad agency supplied them with an inflated balloon

If it does, two good web destinations for the cricket lover:

Prem Panicker throws Yorkers everyday at 3.30 pm at his new home. Just sign in with your name and you could be chatting up with like minded cricket aficianados like Harsha Bhogle, Aakash Chopra, Thejaswi Udupendra, Ramesh Srivats and occasionally yours truly (and a billion other Indian cricket lovers)

For a more serious coverage of the game, you need to read Anand Ramachandran’s The Heavy Ball in Cricinfo. Anand Ramachandran who goes by the twitter alter ego of @bigfatphoenix has done a Ph.D on cricket strategy (under the guidance of the great Kartik Bose) and can tell you in a flash how Shane Warne has managed to get Munaf Patel to dive and actually field a ball (Of course, most people believe Munaf simply stepped on his shoelaces). Some of his analyses are extremely erudite, if I may use the word.

And to top it all, don’t forget to read Bobbili Vijay Kumar, National Sports Editor of the Times of India, every Sunday. He gives Rapidex English Speaking Course a complex.


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