March 31st is the last day of the financial year. It means booking as many orders as possible so that yearly targets are achieved. It means delivering boxes to customers to show that product is no longer in inventory.The usual March 31st.

But this March 31st 2010 is a bit of dampener. Young Madhu Menon has decided to move on with his life and is closing down Shiok / Moss, the fine South Eastern dining place cum lounge bar in Bangalore. Specifically, in an important interview by Haridatta Bandhopadhyay (who broke down in tears during the conversation, the gravitas of it, even Netaji’s disappearance seemed a happier moment, he said later), when asked why he was doing it, he said

I (that would be me, Madhu Menon – chef/owner) am moving on. For both personal and business reasons, I didn’t see it as a good idea to keep the restaurant going. That’s about as much as I can say about it.

Young Madhu Menon with his cleaver

Madhu has been doing what method actors like Aamir Khan and Anupam Kher train for hours – showing a smiling face when deep inside his heart, he is sundering away to pieces.

So after packing up all those boxes to your customers and cooking up your sales books to round up the targets, head to Shiok and revel.  As per his tweet, it’s unlimited booze, so I can’t say “Have one on me” but have the drunken beef on me:

Going out with a bang! Party at Moss tonight with live music. Rs 499 unlimited domestic spirits & cocktails. Come over!


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