• 14:10 Had to leave ten autorickshaws none of whom inclined to go to Khar from Chembur. Never thot it would be like this in Mumbai. What gives? #
  • 14:19 Had to let go 10 autos who refused to go to Khar from Chembur inspite of the potentially high fare. What gives? Why this boycott practices? #
  • 14:24 Was using Snaptu on my E72. Was hanging repeatedly. Now I see tweets which I thought were lost appearing on my time. Irritating. #
  • 21:03 Mumbai Indians today are playing the way Indians used to play in the 90s. SRT scores, others pass by. #
  • 21:04 Did anyone catch #bobili on the ‘ageless warriors’ in his column today? #
  • 21:11 Or how Willis kills a chopper with a car ‘cos he was out of bullets. RT @gauravsabnis: @AaruC Have you seen Die Hard movies????? #
  • 21:14 For some reason, the cameraman has been instructed to do close-ups of the moon? Is Lalit Modi planning to have the next #ipl there? #
  • 21:19 One of Harsha’s fav lines is: there’s one game that SRT is playing and there’s another that his teammates are playing. #
  • 22:17 This is supposed to be a home match for Deccan here in Navi Mumbai. Looks like they have been had. As long as they get to keep gate rcpts #
  • 22:19 Our comms give more info on tyre companies and balloons than on actual cricket action #
  • 22:24 For example, a discussion on why Rohit Sharma is coming so low down in the batting order is warranted. He now has to bat with the tail #
  • 22:30 on the subject of this blimp, is there any thing that it does? Like an overhead camera or something? What’s so special? #
  • 22:35 Robin Jackman will get his exit orders soon. He forgot what the time out thingy is called. Ended up blurting ‘strategic stoppage’ #
  • 22:39 Mike Haysman is slowly becoming a prophet a la Ravi Shastri. He’s spout stuff ‘I sense…’ and ‘I have a feeling…’ #
  • 22:47 on the subject of blimps, thanks to all who shed light. One is quite a novice about ways of throwing around money on useless items. #
  • 22:50 That Italian can sure write RT @prempanicker: Me too. Big time. RT @siddharthadev18: Thanks 4 introducing me to this series & Manfredi. (ed) #
  • 22:56 The ICICI old woman ad tells all senior citizens don’t come to our branches, you will increase our overtime bills. Stay off please. #
  • 23:08 Why does Akshay Kumar laugh in that irritating way like he has inhaled copious amounts of nitrous oxide? #
  • 23:14 In case anyone is planning to start a Golden Razzies for adverts, my moral support is fully assured. Enough winners for the next 100 years. #
  • 23:16 That’s it I guess. Rohit Sharma yorked by Zak. Game over. +poof+ to quote a friend #

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