• 12:59 BQC quiz conducted by two influential Indians @maheshmurthy and @amitvarma starts around the same time as Dada takes on Kumble. #kartikbose #
  • 21:47 This will be a stern test, says Ravi Shastri. Waiting for Matthew Hayden to come out with his mongoose bat. #ipl2010 #
  • 22:05 No mongoose bat for Hayden. Probably wants to get a game in first before experiments. Like Gilly, Hayden hasn’t played much lately #ipl2010 #
  • 22:11 In these 3 days, the pensioners & discards have hit form better than current players. Guess they had all the time to prepare #ipl2010 #
  • 22:18 That Hayden weecut looked like a set up by the bowler. Vaas got the fine leg in and slipped the ball just on middle tempting Hayden #ipl2010 #
  • 22:27 Badri’s mis-inns another example of how our young Indian batsmen inspite of immense talent are just not upto it under pressure #ipl2010 #
  • 22:31 Can’t play Vaas so they bully the poor kid Jaskaran. This is child abuse machaa #ipl2010 #
  • 22:47 Yea baby yea RT @neerajsane: You might be a cunning linguist, but I’m a master debater #whyihatetoloveaustinpowers #
  • 22:49 It’s not the size that matters son it’s what you can do with it RT @neerajsane: I have a huge rod….ent problem #whyihatetoloveaustinpowers #

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