So it’s that time of the year again when commentators cease to be cricket pundits and instead become advertising voice over artists; batsmen become butchers while bowlers simply relish the large sums of money that they are receiving for getting butchered.

Sourav’s Knight Riders and Adam’s Chargers kick off the show tomorrow at Nerul. I must say that both captains seem to be underplaying the whole thing.

Adam says:

“Everyone team is affected by the international schedule. It is not a surprise. We are only one of the teams who are not full-strength as yet. But it is about the Indian contingent and how they perform that can often determine the results.”

Dada says:

“It’s a new set up at KKR. We have done the best in everything we can, hopefully we will deliver. I am not too keen to talk about the past. We have a good atmosphere.”

But the events leading up to this IPL, like last year, have been quite dramatic

  • The Pakistani players ignored in the auction
  • Ravindra Jadeja not getting a contract
  • Kieron Pollard, based on his performance in the Champions League and Australian T20 championships, becomes the most expensive player
  • News media boycott
  • Deccan Chargers denied their home turf i.e. Hyderabad
  • The bids for the two new franchises postponed
  • etc

The saving grace seems to be that it is happening in India.

But for all that we say, it’s going to another month of heavy blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etc about the games. I suggest a few themes on which to keep an eye on

Player v Team owner brand index

Count how many commercials / endorsements feature players and how many feature the glamourous team owners?

Hugs and Kisses

At the end of the game, watch which players get hugs, kisses or just hand shakes from Priety Zinta / Nita Ambani / Shilpa Shetty / Shahrukh Khan / who else?

Cliche 101

Ravi Shastri, LS, Arun Lal, Danny Morrison, Ranjit Fernando, et al. Enough to publish a compendium of cliches. Don’t forget the newspaper men and the numerous bloggers.  Special claps to those who find those beauties like “The phoenix rises like the light at the end of the tunnel” and “the uncrowned grandfather of IPL“.

Dot Balls

It may be a good idea to track dot balls.

Imagine pub conversations “Did you see Dravid leave that ball out side the off stump? What technique! The bowler had no clue.” “Yup, simply awesome”.

Obviously better conversation than this one “You know, Pollard’s 9th six was 45 degrees south of his 6th six but they hit the same signboard at the same time as LS cried ABC Maximum” “Yes, but when JPD hit his 1st six 25 degrees wide of Nita Ambani, LS was busy describing the movement of her significant physical anatomy and he forgot his lines.”

Kartik Bose

Finally, don’t forget Kartik Bose.


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