What is the deeper point in the Google – China story? It is a conflict between business and values. I have written about in the I-Blog which I am part of.  What I am saying is this:

I am focusing on a deeper point here – the conflict between business pressures and values. This is a conflict that almost all of us go through, and if we haven’t already, we will. There are decisions which are rational as it will increase shareholder value (e.g. Google’s acquiescence of censorship when setting up their China business). But the blocking of censorship, the privacy violation of many people, etc do pose a conflict. Those who have seen Avatar would also find the similar conflict – business rationality vs preserving living ecosystems.

There is no right answer or recommendation. It is a judgment each one has to make. And learning how to make these judgments is part of the I-becoming process. After all, don’t we face our own conflicts – a high-paying desk job or following our passions.

One will need to keep a watch on this and see which way it goes.


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