20-25 pages a day, over the last two months, I completed reading Umberto Eco‘s Foucault’s Pendulum. To me, it was like reading a complete history of all the major history societies and occult scientists in one single narrative.

The humour and repartee in the dialogues keep you entertained. I will admit that I did turn a number of pages without actually reading them – they were usually those with extended descriptions of different societies or historical events.

I made a list of all the different references (besides the ones related to the Templars) and categorisation of these references span politics, literature, science, cinema, sports, war, music, geography and even transportation. Good fun for quizzers.

There is one excellent piece where an imaginary publisher reviews a draft presented by one William S. He suggests that this piece needs to be worked upon. Instead of a French chateau, change the locale to Denmark. Obviously, this is Hamlet. William Shakespeare gets a full measure of sarcasm. There is another passage where the same imaginary publisher is presented as the so-called ghost writer who gave Wiliam all the material and all William did was simply write it out in his name.

I recommend everyone to read it.

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