• 14:30 I am going to have a quiet night tonight. #
  • 16:55 RT @i_become: Googlers needed!: We need more people like us. If you think y.. bit.ly/7aZgo2 Do share #
  • 17:02 Time is a test of trouble, / But not a remedy. / If such it prove, it prove too / There was no malady – Emily Dickinson. Apt.\ #
  • 19:18 ppl dont understand. I am meditating. RT @kidakaka: twitpic.com/w09c8 – siesta nap at office by @anannyadeb #being-and-becoming #
  • 19:25 Haven’t got a single ‘before-the-networks-clog’ text msgs. Either the networks have improved or people have removed me from their phonebooks #
  • 23:17 Since it is already 2010 in Australia, they can tell us whether it is really a happy new year. If it isn’t we have a few minutes to salvage. #
  • 00:10 Putting up an archive of my quizzes for the year on my blog. This is from a quiz for BQC set in August 2009. wp.me/PhdLM-at #

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