We have Saturday working and so inspite of Christmas Day on Friday, one had not planned anything for a long weekend per se. But the office let us off saying enjoy. So now one was left with three full days with nothing in mind.

So I took off. My regular shoulder bag was stuffed with a couple of T-shirts, shorts, camera, Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, Eicher Road Maps, Lonely Planet’s South India and a toothbrush.

Went to the nearest interstate bus stand and took a bus to Goa. Landed up 26th morning early in Panaji. The next 36 hours you have here in this photo essay.

From Goa in 2 Days

In Panaji, I rented a car. A simple affair where I kept my PAN card as collateral and got an Alto for 1300 bucks. I took it out, drove around town first, then went to Old Goa and from there drove north to Mini Vagator. Spent my afternoon in Mini Vagator meditating and relaxing. Started back and on the way back stepped out at Anjuna to catch the sunset. Returned to Panaji by nightfall.

I had originally planned not to stay in any hotel but to travel in the night. However, now with the next available transport to Bombay being Sunday night, I had to find a bed for the night. Hence, had to shell out a grand for the night at a hotel near the bus stand. The flip side was that I now had all of Sunday to further explore Goa. I decided to head south.

This time I decided not to take a car, rather use local Kadamba bus services. For starters, one had to go to Margao for buses to South Goa. A friend of mine tipped me off about Palolem. While searching for a bus to Palolem at Margao bus stand, I saw a bus start off for Colva. I hopped in since Colva is just 15 minutes away.

It was 10 in the morning and when I reached Colva, it was already looking like a mini Juhu Beach. I found a CCD there, had a light snack and coffee and headed back to Margao bus stand to locate a Palolem bus. I found one and 1 pm I was off.

It took one hour approximately to reach Palolem. Once there, I simply retired myself to do what I came for – do nothing. I sank into a beach chair, ordered beer, food and cigarettes and gazed into the slow motion life in front of me. Complete bliss.

For those who are in great stress, this is a good thing to do. Two days, get out of urbanity, switch off mobiles, stay off the internet, just lose yourself.

I also had three objectives in mind, all of which did not happen

a) I wanted to avoid taking any hotels.
b) I withdrew some cash in Mumbai when setting off and wanted to restrict myself to it. But in the end I had to withdraw as I splurged myself on a hotel and the car before that.
c) I did not want to make any bookings in advance. This I was partly able to do. The bus trip back to Bombay had to be booked 24 hours in advance. I had no choice.


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