• 13:30 New on i-Blog: Rat Racer v i-becomer: This diagram was created by our team:
    Rat Racers .. bit.ly/7YQL2W #i-become #
  • 15:28 New on i-Blog: Doing your own Thing: Jabberwock describes the gulf between professional.. bit.ly/5f0APC #i-become #
  • 16:51 [New BlogPost Alert] Transfer Note: The i-blog which was earlier hosted on the Car.. bit.ly/8ISbZy Do share #
  • 18:30 And Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vidarbha RT @karthiks: such foresight by BCCI to have separate andhra and hyd cricket teams! #telangana #
  • 18:37 100 places to see before they disappear. But then you don’t need this as a reason, these are great places anyway icio.us/urjk20 #
  • 18:49 "Instruments of war have a role in preserving the peace" says BHO at Oslo. Also "Just War" use of proportionate force bit.ly/7fWIlS #

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