• 11:43 Daniel Vettori – the man who is unofficially running New Zealand cricket, gets out for 99 as umps call bad light one ball later #
  • 15:55 No one is completely worthless. They can serve as a bad example #
  • 15:58 the web interface of twitter has many changes. wondering whether I shuld abandon tweetdeck go bk to that. As of now all lists are academic #
  • 17:53 2010 Commonwealth Games gonna be an embarrassment for all it seems. MPs like Jaya Bachchan get emotional bit.ly/4DW0Bd #
  • 19:45 Oxford puts ‘unfriend’ as word of the year. Do, undo. Friend Unfriend. Follow Unfollow… Live Unlive. ‘un’ prefix of the year maybe? #
  • 19:48 spoken like a banker RT @maddytwit: Buy now. Pay later. #nosuchthing. Buy now, keeping paying forever is more like it. #
  • 20:03 How come we have no Celebrate Chembur? #chembur twitterati rise and shine #
  • 20:08 We need John Mclane! RT @anaggh: Fact: bombay roads, whether you, schumaker ya uska Baap – time taken to travel is same 10kmph #
  • 21:36 \m/ RT @maddytwit: @anannyadeb OLPS #chembur #win #
  • 23:45 welcome. we always deliver RT @ruxandraale: @anannyadeb thanks for bugging @parul121 to start tweeting 🙂 #

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