• 10:07 RT @nilanjanaroy: Andrew Brown on Larsson’s Millennium trilogy: Salander is a witch, and the power of the happy ending: bit.ly/W87Iw #
  • 10:09 RT @nilanjanaroy: So how do U know it’s time 2 teach yr kid Klingon as his 1st language? When Elvish has lft the bldg (bit.ly/2cbfUp) #
  • 10:12 RT @i_become: Quick lessons for business thinking RT @GuyKawasaki: Top ten bad business decisions om.ly/cMuO #
  • 11:01 Or Pritish Nandy looks like an aged @madmanweb Depends on who is more kvlt #
  • 11:27 RT @i_become: Check out the self-discovery modules on bit.ly/4gsjCZ know what are your unstated and most valuable potentials #careers #
  • 11:29 Ha Ha Ha, journos at a Microsoft event using Macs RT @GuyKawasaki: Picture. Of. The. Day. om.ly/cMxZ #
  • 12:10 RT @HNatarajan: Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; Wisdom is humble that it knows no more – William Cooper (via @grapevine32) #quote #
  • 14:22 Half the population of India have a mobile phone. Talk about network congestion. bit.ly/6dBNw2 #
  • 15:16 He supports Carlos, calls him a revolutionary. Idi Amin was not a brutal fellow. In short, the bad guys are not bad bit.ly/6NSCks #

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