Today was a lazy day overall. That gave me much time to browse and discover new knowledge.

India the Jugaad Country: This blog post written by Mohanjit Jolly gives a delightful insight into the resilience of Indians. In A Wednesday, Naseeruddin Shah comments, “we are resilient by force, not by choice”. But that is the paradox, jugaad happens only when there are constraints.

The concept called Jugaad. For many Indians, especially from the north, this is a commonly-used term. Jugaad is the summation of what makes India tick – enterprising, resourceful, and making things work to address what needs to be done within the constrained resources.


In a developing country, one simply “does” because “not doing it or waiting” is simply not an option. That’s probably why the “ho jaiga (it will be done)” attitude is so prevalent in India, because one knows that whatever the issue, one will figure out a way to address it, although the exact mechanism and timeline may be very unorthodox and unpredictable.

Jugaad is survival.

Torture Songs: In military parlance, they are called Long Range Acoustic Devices. Like rocket launchers, these LRADs are used to propel anything from heavy metal to girl power pop on the Al-Qaeda. Off the list, this one seemed the most interesting

Barney The Dinosaur’s I Love You : The Guardian newspaper in London called this sugary lump of fear inducing madness the most “overused” song in the U.S. interrogator’s arsenal. Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, however, used the sappy kids’ show theme song as “futility music” to convince detainees of the futility of maintaining their silence. One United Kingdom human rights group protested President George W. Bush’s visit to England by blasting the song in his general direction. Now that’s a second strike.

Futility music, I dare say. I wonder what Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC must be wondering.

Phrases from the sea: Feeling “Under the weather”? Or are you in “the doldrums”? Try “chewing some fat”. “By and large” you will be okay. The seas connect the world and how can language be immune to its influence. After sailors have contributed to the growth of trade and culture by taking stuff from one part of the world to the other. And so to with language.

Periodic Table for Marketers: ( This is probably the best discovery of the day. What is brilliant is the simplicity of representation and easy assimilation possibilities. It also gives the marketer a range of tools to build his marketing strategy. Thus building confidence.

Uber-cool Shillong: DNA reports an annual rock concert celebrating music icons like Elvis and The Beatles in Shillong. Local bands and artists take the stage in the rock capital of the country.

Nazi Witch Hunt: (NYT ) The Nazi witch hunt continues with octogenarians and nonagenarians on the dock for massacres and murders during the Holocaust.

Paper Art: ( Peter Callesen, a Dane, makes these beautiful sculptures with A4 plain paper.

Paper art by Peter Callesen,

Paying for online content: ( With print editions of newspapers folding up, this is just adding to the bad news. Forrester reports that over 80% of internet users in the US and Canada will not pay to access newspaper and magazine websites. Essentially there is no market.

Google Wave demo, Pulp Fiction style: Great to end the day


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