Sample these few juicy lines: This one protests about buffaloes being overlooked in favour of cows. Buffalo milk is the source of mozarella cheese. And inspite of having so many buffaloes in India, we are still importing from Italy. Dhikkaar!

I believe in buffaloes. Not so much in their existence, since they do a good job of existing whether or not anyone believes in them, but in their importance. I have lamented in the past in ET the prejudice that so many Indians, sadly even Mahatma Gandhi, have had for cows over buffaloes. The cultural and religious reasons usually advanced for this strike me as dubious , if not downright racist (or speciesist).

And then taste this, a narrative on the consumption of the humble banana in Germany (East, West and Unified):

Fruit at least was one thing they could buy, and that’s probably why so many bananas were bought in those first days. East Germans were soon eating double the amount of bananas than West Germans – whose consumption was already the highest in the EU. But bananas would also feature as the realities of reunification sunk in. West Germans patronisingly called East Germans ‘Bananen’, while Easterners accused the Westerners of practising patronising banana politics – one former Communist leader accused West German parties of handing out free bananas to lure voters in the 1990 elections.

Now, when one writes about food, it does not have to be about recipes or about cooking. It has to be about the place in culture and to use a Hindi word in the zahan of people. Finally, after much pleading, we have this blog by Vikram Doctor called On My Plate. Immediate bookmarking, adding RSS feeds to Google Reader, etc etc is recommended. And I believe Doc doesn’t mind the odd comment here and there, especially if there is a lead to another topic on food.


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