Starting a new series of blog posts – a set of links to sites I have discovered today. These include stuff shared by my friends on Google Reader, Twitter, e-mail forwards, etc. Let’s see if I can sustain this.

McLaren and Mercedes go their own way, from BBC Sport: The McLaren-Mercedes F1 team ceases to exist. Mercedes has sold its shares back to McLaren and instead bought a majority into Brawn. The Brawn team, 2009 F1 Champion both constructors and driver, will now be renamed Mercedes Grand Prix. McLaren will continue to use Mercedes engines as the contract is valid till 2015. But one feels that with Mercedes having its own team, their self-interest will motivate them to give more attention to their own engines than to McLaren. (Link shared by @anantha)

#1378656 (MyLifeIsAverage): This blog is hilarious. And thought provoking. Today’s story

Today, I was looking through the bumper stickers application on Facebook and I came across this sticker that said “if Pinocchio said his nose was about to grow, what would happen?” This was by far the most fascinating thing I’ve read all year. MLIA

Seriously, MLIA. (Shared on Google by kidakaka)

Marathi icons and the perils of taking them on (Vantage Point, Gaurav Sabnis): Gaurav Sabnis recalls Bal T’s petulant remarks against Pu La and the subsequent fall out – SS losing the elections. This time, Bal T repeats himself with his remarks on SRT, something that is making headline news everywhere.

Clearly, Bal Thackeray has forgotten the lessons learnt from PuLa-gate. Now he has decided to attack Sachin Tendulkar, for what are extremely benign comments, even if one was to look at them through the Sena’s prism. He has declared that Sachin has hurt the marathi manoos. Hah! Bal Thackeray, after losing 3 elections in a row, the most recent one so comprehensively, does not have even the hint of an authority to speak on the behalf of the marathi manoos.

While the nation and people outside the nation debate, twitter and blog about this, I wonder what SRT must be doing. While reading through all the newsprint that has been consumed over his 20-years of cricket celebration, there is one personality trait that most people from Hayden to Amitabh Bachchan observed – his relative composure and dignity on such issues. I reckon SRT is simply going to shrug and move on. It is too petty for him. Anyway, for him immediately, there is a test match (where he was out 3rd ball) going on.


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