• 20:33 While rummage through my music collection, found my Steely Dan CDs. Funky Jazz Rock with Beat lyrics makes for a Monday at work v pleasant #
  • 20:35 Deacon Blues by Steely Dan : they got a name for winners, I want a name when I lose (paraphrasing ofc) #
  • 23:41 My Zeitgeist list has three main memes, Gorbachev on twitter, MNS and Pak v NZ in Abu Dhabi. How exciting! #
  • 23:42 Never knew IIMBians could do rhymes RT: @karthiks: the fall of the wall #
  • 23:43 Morning Glory RT: @DeepaPrabhu: "What’s your story?" #
  • 23:48 This is fiction no! RT: @karthiks: madhu !madhu brandished his knifein the vain hope that it would fetch him a wife#suristpoetry @madmanweb #
  • 00:14 Not me. He did itRT: @madmanweb: @anannyadeb @karthiks WTF? #

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