• 21:02 The opening pair of Viru and GG can well be rated as one of the best in the world today. Their joint play and coordination is brilliant #
  • 21:05 Excellent rotation of strike, both players going for their shots, constant high fives and punching of the gloves. All adds up. #
  • 21:12 Now Praveen Kumar will get the same stares from Steyn and Kumble that he normally gives when he is bowling. #
  • 21:42 Delhi innings sliding down the plateau. Kumble and Merwe spinning Blore back into the game after initial hammering by Viru & GG #
  • 21:50 Delhi runrate goes below 7 last couple of overs. After 7 overs of spin, Merwe econ rate is 4.7 and Kumble is 5.0 #
  • 21:53 Kumble is engineering each of the dismissals. Three dot balls to Dilshan then anticipated the Dilscoop. Now googly to Owais catch at fineleg #
  • 21:55 And he started it with that fast straight one that smashes into the pads. Karthick had no chance. Remember once Kumble got Inzy that way. #
  • 22:05 Excellent insight from Ravi Shastri, ‘Bhatia takes a single and what it means is that Tiwary comes on strike.’ Extremely educative. #
  • 22:08 Kumble has forgiven Manish Pandey it seems. After those two blunders, Pandey makes up with the catch of the last ball. Right in front of AK #
  • 22:36 young Pandey after that hollering from Kumble had a chance for redemption with the bat. Now he is off due to cramps. Must be too much stress #
  • 22:42 There must be more to it than just "lack of discriminating evidence" in the JK cricketer arrest in Bangalore today bit.ly/26tMdJ #
  • 23:09 Another 74 runs from the remaining 10 overs and all the three IPL teams are out of the tournament. Cape Cobras look firm favourites. T&T too #
  • 23:40 That’s it. No IPL team in the CL anymore. DD have one more game but that’s academic. The team I am tracking is T&T – cos they are from WI #
  • 01:34 Great collection of western classical music – www.musopen.com/ #
  • 01:35 icio.us/rhrywe #

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