Last week, spent four days driving around Madhya Pradesh

You can see our route map on Google Maps here (Traveling in Madhya Pradesh)

Day 1: Sanchi (about 45 km) from Bhopal then to Bhimbetka (which is also 45 km from Bhopal but on the other side). This was a pleasure trip

Day 2: Went west wards covering seven villages. We were just north of the Narmada but it did not strike our minds to go have a look. Unfortunately, since I was on roaming, the network I was using did not support GPRS. So I could not use Google Maps on my phone.

Day 3: Went north east wards crossing the Tropic of Cancer. Bhopal to Bhopal we drove 500+ km in a single day.

Day 4: Went east wards, towards Raisen

It was tiring. My left leg was swollen because of an old injury gone septic. The roads were bad. But it was an experience. Much to see, much to experience, much to discover.


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