Having recently acquired the complete songs of Bob Dylan, it has been some great musical journey all along. Every day I listen to a couple of songs, songs which one hears for the first time.

And unlike other songs, you can’t just listen to Bob Dylan as just another song. You stop / pause it, go back and play again. You listen to couple of lines three to four times. Over 30-45 minutes, you generally listen to two Bob Dylan songs at least 5 times each.

And then you sit back and ponder the song in your mind.

Here are two from the Bootleg Series, Vol 1

Ramblin’ Gamblin Willie:

So all you rovin’ gamblers, wherever you might be,
The moral of this story is very plain to see.
Make your money while you can, before you have to stop,
For when you pull that dead man’s hand, your gamblin’ days are up.
And it’s ride, Willie, ride,
Roll, Willie, roll,
Wherever you are a-gamblin’ now, nobody really knows.

And this one

Who Killed Davey Moore?

Who killed Davey Moore,
Why an’ what’s the reason for?

“Not I,” says the referee,
“Don’t point your finger at me.
I could’ve stopped it in the eighth
An’ maybe kept him from his fate,
But the crowd would’ve booed, I’m sure,
At not gettin’ their money’s worth.
It’s too bad he had to go,
But there was a pressure on me too, you know.
It wasn’t me that made him fall.
No, you can’t blame me at all.”

Go enjoy. More from the 20th century’s greatest poet (IMHO)


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