That’s the new world record over 100 metres. By a gentleman by name of Usain Bolt.

There is a biomechanical harmony in the way Bolt runs – there does not seem to be a single iota of tension or stress on any of his muscles or body. He seems to be simply flowing like water over a natural course. In comparision, one can see the other runs stretching away with the pain of the effort writ large on their faces.

From 2.89 in the first 20 metres to 9.58 in 100 metres, the acceleration is at another level. To give another perspective, Bolt was 0.03 seconds ahead of Gay at the 20 metre mark. At the finish, he is 0.17 ahead.

The timeline of 100 metre world records (from The Guardian) says that in the last 15 months, Bolt has shaved 0.14 seconds (from 9.72 to 9.58). From 9.86 to 9.72, it took seventeen years.

There’s more to come. He is talking of 9.4.

And he hasn’t ruled out running at the Delhi Commonwealth Games next year.

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