For Formula 1 fans, the last few weeks have been a bit worrisome given talks of the split. 8 of the 10 teams currently in the championship had all but decided to exit and form their own race. Informally, races in places like Buenos Aires, Imola and Indianapolis were being floated. Among other conditions, the exit of Max Mosley was one main item on the agenda.

As New York Times reports, things seem to have been resolved. Max Mosley says the 2010 championship is on. He says and I quote from the news report

The basic news is that there will be no split. There will be one championship in 2010 which is I think something we all hoped.

Mosley’s administration of the sport since 1993 has been all but approving for the teams over the years. Dictatorial, tyrannical, incompetent were some of the adjectives used. Formula 1 is a billion dollar industry and with such huge stakes for all stakeholders, not surprisingly, when things are not as per your wishes, it can get quite annoying.

Anyway, it’s back to racing.

Brawn and Red Bull Renault have pulled far far ahead of every one else. Even with these two there is a fair gap though Vettel’s win at Silverstone has narrowed it a bit. Clearly, the favourites McLaren and Ferrari are not able to get their act together.

I am all for the championship becoming more competitive with all round development of all teams (but not by force as was been planned by Mosley).

One thought on “Formula 1 Crisis

  1. Back to racing, but not for long.

    There was a sustained effort to make F1 more exciting but so far I see more yellow journalism than actual racing (e.g. Alonso linked to Ferrari switch at Monza…what rubbish!).

    Then their attempts at “encouraging overtaking” are hilarious. On one hand they reduce the wing size to reduce air turbulence and so allow cars to follow closer in the slipstream and overtake, but they legalize a double-diffuser which creates the same turbulence that the bigger rear-wing does! So teams that have KERS rely on that magic button to shoot past cars.

    Absolute pandemoium. I hope Jen Todt is elected president and this madness comes to an end next year.

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