All this week, Amit Varma’s My Friend Sancho would be hitting stores across the country. It has already hit Mumbai and yours truly had the good fortune of picking up a copy (signed by the author, of course). You can catch up with Amit around the country. The schedule is on his blog

Courtesy: The India Uncut Blog
Cover Art of My Friend Sancho, Image Owner: The India Uncut Blog

Here’s my review (without any spoilers)

This book is recommended for the free and light writing style. The story is tight and short. There is no meandering and wastefulness. The language is open and accessible. No big words. No flaunting of one’s vocabulary. Not surprisingly, the writing style is consistent with the India Uncut style.

I have lost the reading habit over the last few years with all the heavy stuff I need to read at work. Reading long posts in blogs are extremely tiresome for me. This book addresses that problem. I finished the book in one sitting briefly interrupted for lunch.

It may be passed off as another pop fiction. But then, that’s what Amit aims for. I don’t think he really cares about it being a literary classic. Hell, I don’t think it should make into English language textbooks. But then, why not?

For fans of India Uncut, a short message (spoiler warning)

Many references to the author incorporated in the book. The repeated browsing by the protagonist of the India Uncut blog is a plug for the author’s own blog. Repeated oft. Can be after a point irritating. Other references include black coffee, visiting a large book store in a mall in Andheri, playing poker online and the Bongness.  References to a certain elite mailing list that Amit is part of including one on infant sacrifices.

Final Verdict

It was a good entertaining read. And it has triggered an appetite for more of the same.


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