Bloggers remember Where is Raed (it now has a new avataar Salam Pax). For many around the world, it provided an alternative to the images broadcast by CNN and Al-Jazeera. The earliest archived post is of December 30th 2002 and it goes as follows


from this article in the NY Times
If this wasn’t so sad it would be beautiful, the electricity went out at the Christmas week concert performed by the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. The last time I went was when they were still playing once a month at the Rasheed Theater, now they play at the Ribat Hall, everybody was sad when they were moved out of the Rasheed the Ribat is just an abandoned ruin with bad accoustics. They sounded depressing then and I stopped going. The Rasheed Theater, after the French Cultural Center stopped using it for perfomances of french artists and movies, is rented now for a “commercial” theater group prefering silly slapstick comedies.

And then there was Baghdad Burning. The earliest archived post is of August 17th, 2003 – The blogger, Riverbend, writes:-

The Beginning…

So this is the beginning for me, I guess. I never thought I’d start my own weblog… All I could think, every time I wanted to start one was “but who will read it?” I guess I’ve got nothing to lose… but I’m warning you- expect a lot of complaining and ranting. I looked for a ‘rantlog’ but this is the best Google came up with.

A little bit about myself: I’m female, Iraqi and 24. I survived the war. That’s all you need to know. It’s all that matters these days anyway.


The voice of Iraqi people has been heard by millions through these blogs (and many others no doubt). There’s nothing much one can do but share the emotions and the struggle of these people caught in the crossfire of a confused war. In this light, this news report in USA Today made me perk up: Can Iraqis tweet their way to a state of normalcy? The online barons were all there:

The Online Barons - Google, Twitter, AT&T - meet up in Baghdad
The Online Barons - Google, Twitter, AT&T - meet up in Baghdad

Hopefully, we will get something. I will try and search for some people from Iraq on Twitter to follow.


One thought on “Iraq and blogging

  1. Let me know if you find the Iraqi twitterers. I had read a few of the Iraqi blogs you mention in 2001-2003 period. Very sad what some countries have to go through. (Iraq, Afghanistan, DRC, …. )

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