If Navjot Singh Sidhu had his book of proverbs and sayings, Ravi Shastri has his book of cliches. As I sit through Ravi Shastri commentating, let me list out some of his choicest ones. (The Ref is to help you learn how to use these cliches)

  1. “knocking him around for singles” – Ref: “Wonder how they plan to tackle Harbhajan Singh?”
  2. “it’s the doosra that’s done the trick” – Ref: Harbhajan just got Freddie caught and bowled
  3. “New player at the crease… will take his time to get his eye in” – Ref: Dhoni coming in for Freddie
  4. “It’s funny how in 20-20 cricket, one over can change the game” – Ref: end of the over
    1. Alternative “One over can make a difference” – Ref: General analysis
  5. “Good atmosphere as the crowd builds up” – Ref: Camera shows Shilpa Shetty and one more chick having a smile
  6. “This is excellent bowling” – Ref: Harbhajan bowling
  7. “It’s into the stands in a flash” – Ref: Haydos hitting Harbhajan for a six
  8. “It’s not easy to ball ball-after-ball” – Ref: Harbhajan bowling a full toss which goes for a six
  9. “Used the pace of the bowler” – Ref: Haydos sweeps Jayasuriya for a four
  10. “This match in the balance now” – Ref: Haydos dismissed by a brilliant Zak catch
  11. “He goes for the big one” – Ref: General
  12. “Terrific crowd, great atmosphere” – Ref: General
  13. “I sense something’s gonna give” – Ref: General, in between deliveries, waiting for something to happen
  14. “He’s got a good arm” – Ref: fielding in the deep and throw back to the keeper
  15. “Another big over” – Ref: note cliche no. 4

And now from the presentation ceremony after the first game

  1. “Tough luck and better luck next time” – Ref: Interview with MSD, losing captain of CSK

Then we move to the next game – RCB v RR

  1. “good opportunity to come back into the thick of things” – Ref: Robin Uthappa and his being out of the reckoning for some time
  2. “he’ll learn so much batting with Kevin Pietersen” – Ref: Uthappa again when he was briefly batting with KP
  3. “makes good use of his height” – Ref: On KP playing his shots on the front foot
  4. “he will look to bowl wicket to wicket” – Ref: On Munaf Patel
  5. “Lands the ball on the seam more often than not” – Ref: On Dimitri’s bowling
  6. “getting the odd one to nip back” – Ref: On Tyron Henderson
  7. “Once Dravid got some bat on it, it raced along to the boundary” – Ref: Dravid flicking Kamran Khan for a four
  8. “Mixing it up nicely”

He also made on howler. As Dimitri Mascarenhas was bowling his 4th over, Ravi contemplated “I wouldn’t be surprised if Warne gets him to bowl his entire quota in one go”. Mark Nicholas politely said, “Indeed you are right, he is in fact bowling his fourth over”

Royals innings chasing 134 v RCB

  1. “Interesting to see”
  2. “Playing the natural game”
  3. “Likes dealing in boundaries” – Ref: What kind of player Yusuf Pathan is
  4. “Living dangerously the two batsmen” – Ref: Yusuf lofted to long-on and ball went one bounce to Steyn
  5. “Jesse Ryder is over the moon” – Ref: Ryder knocks Henderson’s stumps
  6. “Dravid safe as a house” “Made it look easy” – Ref: Highlights showing Dravid taking Smith’s catch
  7. “Under lights the ball will move around, zip around” – Ref: general comment on Day and Night matches
  8. “A period of 5-6 overs without losing a wicket” – Ref: general (mind you 5-6 overs is 1/4th the innings)
  9. “This is turning out to be a good over” – Re3f: end of 11th over when 13 runs were scored

Note: This is a blog post in progress – so more cliches shall be added during the course of the tournament.

Update: 24th April 2009, 11:48 PM (IST)

Okay, since the first day of matches last week, Ravi Shastri has been on air on every other match and the list of his stock phrases have been updated. Here’s a new list (from KKR v RR match yesterday)

  1. Experience will be invaluable – Ref: Younglings Anureet Singh bowling for KKR; later repeated when Kamran Khan was bowling
  2. Good toss to lose – Ref:  Shane Warne losing the toss and fielding
  3. If its greasy, it won’t help the bowlers – Ref: The ball and the dampness on the grass due to the rain
  4. He knew exactly where the boundary line is – Ref: Ishant Sharma taking the catch at third man
  5. He finishes it off with a good yorker – Ref: Anureet Singh finishing his over
  6. I get the feeling this match going all the way down to the wire  – Ref: When KKR are batting, a few wickets have fallen, the strategic time-outs have just been done.
    1. Note: Later he applies this cliche to describe the entire tournament
  7. As a captain you believe you can control the game now – Ref: Shane Warne waving his arms and positioning his fielders
  8. He’s got two overs up his sleeve – Ref: Shane Warne on whom he will bowl
  9. He’ll wait and watch – Ref: Shane Warne on what he will do as a captain
  10. You didn’t know till the last week – Ref: Check no. 6, he is now talking of how competitive the tournament is
  11. Bowling change that does the trick (Munaf Patel, Kamran Khan) – Ref: Two wickets for the two bowlers who have just come in to bowl
  12. Can’t ask for anything better (Munaf’s delivery that got Brad Hodge)
  13. Next two three overs are so important – Ref: We are in the 16th over

Still four weeks to go, so I’ll just split this into a part 2 and make a new blog post


7 thoughts on “Ravi Shastri’s Commentary Class – Live Blog

  1. I can’t believe you left out the one that makes me barf every time I hear it: “Just what the doctor ordered.”

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