Three songs in the recent past that I have heard, I would like to write about. Given the current elections climate, some of these lyrics seem so eloquent and thought provoking.

Let’s start with Piyush Mishra and two songs from Gulaal – Aarambh (sung by him) and Ranaji (sung by Rekha Bharadwaj)

Aarambh first:

In a strong war-cry like tone, Piyush Mishra sings:

Aarambh Hai Prachand,
Bol Mastako Ke Jhund
Aaj Jung Ki Ghadi Ki Tum Guhar Do

Straight and direct, a call for war. Further on, he advises:

Ishr Ki Pukaar Hai
Yeh Bhagwat Ka Saar Hai
Ki Yudh Hi To Veer Ka Pramaan Hai
Kauravo Ki Bheed Ho Ya Pandavo Ka Neer Ho
Jo Lad Saka Hai Wo Hi To Mahaan Hai

And further on

Jis Kavi Ki Kalpana Mein Zindagi Ho Prem Geet
Uss Kavi Ko Aaj Tum Nakaar Do
Bheegti Nasso Mein Aaj, Phoolti Rago Mein Aaj
Aaj Aag Ki Lapat Ka Tum Baghaar Do

There is no metaphorical thinking in this song. Very theatrical but without using crappy Bollywood junk words. Piyush Mishra goes into allegory with Ranaji

Haayeee Ranaji Maare Gusse Mein Aaye
Aiso Balkhaaye,
Agiya Barsaaye,
Ghabraaye Marro Chain

Sounds like typical chamiya village item numbers. Then comes the punch lines used to describe the proverbial Ranaji’s temperament (Translation provided for those who don’t understand Hindi – tried to get as much of the spirit as possible)

  1. Jaise door desh ke tower mein ghus jaaye aeroplane (Like how an aeroplane piled onto a tower of a far off country)
  2. Jaise sareaam eeraaq mein jam gaye Uncle Sam (Like how Uncle Sam made merry in Iraq in front of everyone)
  3. Jaise bisleri ki botal pee ke ban gaye Englishman (Like how drinking “mineral water” differentiates an English educated guy from a rustic bumpkin)
  4. Jaise har ek baat pe democracy me lag gayee band (Like how democracy gets f*** at the drop of a hint)
  5. Jaise bin baat ka Afghanistan ka baj gaya bhaiya band (Like how Afghanistan got f*** for no fault)

The movie of course has its merits. I recommend listening to the soundtrack independently.

Now to this song from Welcome to Sajjanpur. I watched the movie on cable the other day and I quite liked it. A light comedy from Shyam Benegal with all the usual sarcasm and jibes at life and society. The music by Shantanu Moitra was quite pleasant if not outstanding. I would like to point out to two songs – Aadmi Aazad Hai and Munni Ki Bari

Aadmi Aazad Hai first. Sung by Kailash Kher, it’s sounds like all feel-good patriotic numbers but for two things – the ektara twangs that give it a nice folk (esp eastern India) touch and these lines by Swanand Kirkire:

Khil Rahi Thi Kali Kali,
Mehke Thi Gali Gali
Aap Tabhi Saanp Huye,
Hum Ho Gaye Chhipkali
Satta Ki Yeh Bhuk Vikat,
Aadi Hai Na Ant Hai

Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai
Aadami Aazaad Hai

Arre Jiski Laathi Usaki Bhains,
Saanp Ne Bana Diya
Hey Note Ki Khan Khan Sunaake Vote Ko Gunga Kiya
Party Fund Yagya Kund Ghotaala Mantra Hai

Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai
Aadami Aazaad Hai

No longer is it a feel-good number but some really good lines telling many things within the mood of hope. The chorus line “Abb toh prajatantra hai, aadmi aazaad hai” are both a celebration as well as a plea, a prayer of hope.

Then there’s this eunuch song which may be a good dance number but do observe these few lines:

Are Mardo Ne Khub Kiya, Haan Ji
Are Aurat Ne Khub Kiya, Haan Ji
Are Dono Ne Khub Kiya Raaj,
Ki Aayi Abb Munni Ki Baari

Aa Gai Hai Munni Bai,
Dholak Pe Mohar Lagayyo
Munni Bai Kohi Jitayyo
Dham Dolak Baajegi,
Munni Bai Jitegi
Dukh Ki Ghadiya Bitengi,
Aur Munni Bai Jitegi

This is another post on Hindi lyrics. I had done on Gulzar’s Jai Ho and Piyush Mishra’s Kaala Bandar.


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