What is “The Natural Game”?

In a press conference last evening, Rahul Dravid was extremely put out by questions asked by journalists on whether “he plays his natural game” or not. In response he said (and I paraphrase) that the best players always play in response to the situation. And he too plays in response to the situation. His tone suggested he was irritated.

The media circus over the last 24 hours triggered by Bobbili Vijay Kumar’s conspiracy theory in the Times of India was quite unnecessary. It also meant that most Indians had a very uninformed morning about what actually did Rahul Dravid say. So  one hunted for the press conference report – found one in the Calcutta Telegraph.  I quote the relevant question and answer here

Did Indian batsmen curb their natural instincts?
I don’t know what it means to play your natural game all the time. You’ve got to play according to the situation. That’s what great players have done over the years. They read the situation, the wicket, the conditions and play accordingly. There cannot be only one way of playing the game. The great ones are those who can adapt and play according to the needs of the team.

So is Rahul Dravid saying anything about any team mate? I think we can judge for ourselves.

But the question of this article is, what is “the Natural Game”? Is it simply the way Sehwag plays that is the “Natural Game”? If Dravid’s instincts is to defend, is that not his Natural Instincts?

The meaning of “the natural game” is a great mystery to me.


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