Naming the current global crisis seems to be a 24/7 popular activity. Justin Wolfers in the Freakonomics blog lists out various options

  1. The Great Deception: Sounds like a sequel to The Great Dictator and The Great Train Robbery
  2. The Great Recession (which unfortunately has been used so many times before, even for the smallest of spikes)
  3. Economic detumenscence: I have no idea what it means
    1. Actually it seems to be a spelling mistake by Justin. gives a medical definition of “detumescence“: Reduction or lessening of a swelling, especially the restoration of a swollen organ or part to normal size.

Finally, he got some friends of his to give some wacky names and he got “Flump” – to use fashionable English semantic terminology – a portmanteau word for “financial slump”


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